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  • If the installer ever works, this would be the preferred installation method for OSRS and RS3


  • 2023/12/26: Whatever Jagex Launcher uses is also seemingly used for the standalone launcher for Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • 2024/02/01: Edge and WebView2 runtimes install when prefix is Windows 8.1 or 7, but Jagex Launcher installer always says the IE version isn't supported


mkdir -p ~/'.wine' && wget '' -O ~/'Downloads/Jagex Launcher Installer.exe'


  • 2023/12/13: Error: The version of Internet Explorer on this machine is not supported. Please upgrade and try again.
  • :!: 2024/05/07: Above error still happens without any winetricks on openSUSE Tumbleweed with Wine Staging 9.8
WINEPREFIX=~/'.wine/Jagex Launcher' WINEARCH='win64' WINEDEBUG='' wine ~/'Downloads/Jagex Launcher Installer.exe'


WINEPREFIX=~/'.wine/Jagex Launcher' wineserver --kill && rm -Rf ~/'.wine/Jagex Launcher' && sync


  • The installer appears to be using WebView2 and could possibly work with extra dependencies installed from winetricks such as dotnet48 and ie8
--verbose --window
strings ~/'Downloads/Jagex Launcher Installer.exe' > ~/'Downloads/Jagex Launcher Installer strings.txt'
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