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  • The following commands with an asterisk expect only one backlight controller at /sys/class/backlight
  • This was only tested on one laptop with intel_backlight
  • See Power Management notes on how to add backlight changes to a udev script
  • See backlight for more details

Controller Name

ls '/sys/class/backlight'

Query Current Brightness

cat '/sys/class/backlight/'*'/brightness'

Query Max Brightness

cat '/sys/class/backlight/'*'/max_brightness'

Set Custom Brightness

  • Change 376 to desired brightness
  • Desired brightness must be under max_brightness value
echo "376" | sudo tee '/sys/class/backlight/'*'/brightness' > '/dev/null'

Set Max Brightness

echo "$(cat '/sys/class/backlight/'*'/max_brightness')" | sudo tee '/sys/class/backlight/'*'/brightness' > '/dev/null'
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