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  • Anything here is likely not thought through conclusively enough to actually work, but here it is anyway

Enforced Work-Relax Day

  • Give everyone a massage gun (Theragun), a 5-day supply of a THC product, and an enforced one-day-a-week (Sunday) break for non-essential workers to properly relax
  • Essential workers will need a different schedule and likely need more than a one-day-a-week break
  • This will encourage work and generally make a large part of the population more happy
  • Non-essentials employers will not be able to discriminate against this policy

THC Product

  • Government would be in-control of the THC product (growers, processors, etc)
  • THC amount based on average beginner tolerance (which would require official research and likely need it to be unscheduled? or alternatively just “pick some number” that isn't sourced from “anywhere specific” and bypass the research part)
  • If opt-in/registration required, ask if THC product should be edible (everyone knows what gummies are) or vape since some people may discover or know they can't process the THC a certain way
  • Set-up program to allow legal buying of more THC product for the use of the enforced work-relax day (this may make it more tolerable for states/zones/areas that don't want full-on recreational); this is for people with a known higher tolerance
  • Opt-in for the THC product required since understandably there are people who may not want to deal with a THC product, but can benefit from the massage gun and relax day anyway
  • Creates jobs for the THC product (grow, process, etc), tax on additional THC product purchased beyond the free stuff, and a database of people requesting the THC product (for whatever use that may be)


  • Potentially more cases of pet, child, or unintentional-person ingestion of THC products (maybe ship in sturdy “accident”-proof government-approved containers to minimize the plausibility of this)
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